Our staff can speak English and Japanese.




Many of our staff at First Class Japan is related to the entertainment field.

Such as TV talents, actress, idol, bikini models, famous hostess, porn star, fashion model…etc.

Any many of them appear on daily television.
More than 90% of the women enrolled are fully up-to-private for such reason.

Female who matches the demands of the customer will be selected from more than 500 women.

※Women displayed here belong to "Premium Economy Class" and are only a small part of our enrolled women.

To be honest・・・

For the one’s that are not open to the public・・・


Please call for more details on prices and time.

We provide various plans such as overnight plan, consecutive overnight plan, date plan, travel companion to satisfy your needs.

To be honest, First Class Japan is・・・

absolutely expensive than any other fancy call girl agency.

But for sure we have the confidence to bring you the service that you cannot find anywhere else.

※Receipt is avalible for issued.

Please let us know upon reservation for your receipt.



Limited to the true VIPs.

The ultimate luxury.

At First Class Japan,
we aim for the top of adult entertainment agency in Japan.

We have the best collection of staff to satisfy your needs.

And we set our price to the highest rank in Japan.

As all the luxury goods in the world already proved the facts of expensive

That is,

We understand our price is incredibly expensive,

but because of this price we are able to bring you the best ladies available.

Celebrities, idol, TV talent, actress, model, amateur, office lady, students…etc.

Exceeding the level of ordinary.

With the highest price in Japan

And with the highest rank of ladies in Japan

highest quality of ladies

You may feel that it’s too expensive.

But give it a try once.

It will absolutely bring you the highest satisfaction.